Connecting an email account is the first step and is required in order for us to automatically collect tracking numbers for 'Effortless Tracking'. You’ll need to make sure to connect the email accounts associated with your Amazon Prime, USPS Informed Delivery, UPS My Choice and FedEx Delivery Manager. (If you haven't set up your carrier accounts you can find out how do that in this collection of articles.)


  1. In the app, select "Connect Email Accounts"
  2. Select "Add"
  3. When asked for Email provider select the "Connect Gmail Account"
  4. Follow on screen prompts. 
  5. You are now ready to add a BoxLock to your account!

All Other Email Clients

If you are using an email client other than Gmail then please follow the guide below to adding an email account to your BoxLock app. Before starting please make sure you have the following information: (Please Note: Comcast and GoDaddy based email accounts will not work with Effortless Tracking currently. Please check out our Effortless Tracking Email Forwarder if you are connecting these accounts)

Once you have those three pieces of information handy you are ready to link your email account!

  1. In the app, select "Connect Email Accounts"
  2. Select "Add"
  3. Select "Connect Custom Account"
  4. Enter in the information you gathered prior to starting this guide
  5. Follow on screen prompts
  6. Your account should be connected, and your app will now auto collect tracking numbers for you, as long as you have setup your carrier accounts.

Some email accounts have additional security steps required, you can find links to these articles below. Please choose the article that reflects your email client:

If you find you are having trouble connecting your email account please contact us for further assistance. You can reach us via Chat on the bottom right hand side of your screen, email (, or via Facebook / Twitter.

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