One of the biggest factors in a driver delivering using your BoxLock is whether or not they can quickly find it. Help your driver secure your packages. Make finding your storage container quick and easy for them with these great tips.

  • Don't hide your container behind or under anything. A blocked container won't get used, especially if the driver has to work to take stuff off of it to open it.
  • Make sure your container is somewhere easy to access and find. Drivers aren't going to spend tons of time trying to figure out where to secure your package, make it easier for them and consider a location on their path to your front door, or right next to your front door.
  • Choose a container that stands out! If you have a dark house, chances are you don't want a dark container so it blends in. You want your container to stand out so that your driver can find it quickly.
  • Signs or Stickers are a great way to grab your driver's attention. Every BoxLock comes with a window sticker, use it! Make sure you place them somewhere that stands out on the driver's path to delivering your package.
  • Talk to your delivery driver! Most of your drivers are already spending time looking for somewhere to secure your packages. Have a quick conversation with them and let them know about your BoxLock. 

These are just a few of the things you can do to grab your driver's attention. No matter how you grab your driver's attention, just remember the more your driver notices your BoxLock, the better chance of them securing your packages. And that goes for any method of securing packages, not just BoxLock.

If you find you need any further assistance with driver awareness, you can reach us via chat on the bottom right hand side of your screen, email (, or via Facebook / Twitter.

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