Follow the guide below to reset your BoxLock password at any time:

  1. Open your BoxLock app
  2. At the "Account Setup" screen, find "Forgot Password"  in fine print at the very bottom (You must be logged out of your BoxLock app to see this)
  3. You should receive an email in your BoxLock associated email account with a token to reset your password
  4. Follow email prompts to finish resetting your password
  5. Log in to BoxLock app with new password

Your password should now be reset! If you find you are still having trouble resetting your password. please contact us for further assistance. You can reach us via Chat on the bottom right hand side of your screen, email (, or via Facebook / Twitter.

Please note: If you logged in through Gmail we do not have the ability to reset your password for you. Please try your same login credentials as you would for Gmail, if that does not work you will need to reset your Gmail account password. 

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