To connect your AOL email account with Effortless Tracking  you will have to enable Two-step Verification in your AOL account and create an app-specific password to use when logging in to the BoxLock app. 

If you don't already have 2-Step Verification turned on please follow the steps in this guide to enable it.

  1. In your BoxLock App, select "Connect Email Accounts."
  2. Select "Add."
  3. Select "Connect Custom Account"
  4. Fill out the form:
    (a) Under "Host" enter the imap for AOL (
    (b) Enter your AOL email address (Required)
    (c) Enter your AOL email password (Third Party App Password Required. Follow        THIS GUIDE to create one)
  5. Select "Add Account"
  6. You're all set!

**If you are still trouble pulling in tracking numbers with your AOL Account, please follow the steps below**

AOL has recently updated their service to remove access via username and password over IMAP by default for all new accounts. This guide will walk you through changing that setting in your account so that you can start securing your deliveries with your AOL E-Mail Address.

  1. Follow THIS LINK to go to your Account Security Page (Login to AOL required.)
  2. In the Account Security Screen, Find "Allow Apps That Use Less Secure Sign-in" and turn it to on. (Grey is off, Blue is on.)
  3.  Prove you are not a Robot by performing tasks only a human could do.
  4. If you have 2-step Authentication enabled follow this guide for help with creating an app specific password.
  5.  Success! You can now login to the BoxLock app and start securing your packages using BoxLock! 

If you find you are still having issues logging in with AOL or trouble with any of the steps in this guide please contact us for further assistance. You can reach us via Chat on the bottom right hand side of your screen, email (, or via Facebook / Twitter.

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