If you are trying to connect to Effortless Tracking with a Yahoo! email account, you will be required to enable Account Key Verification and generate a 3rd party app password in Yahoo!. Follow this guide to get this setup: (Once you generate a third party app password, do not close the window as you will not be able to view the generated password again and will be required to make a new one.)

  1. Download the Yahoo! app on your phone and sign in (REQUIRED)
  2. Go to the Yahoo! Account Security Page 
  3. Select "See how it works"
  4. Select your device and app to be notified on.
  5. Click "Send me a notification"
    A notification will go to the app you selected.
  6. On your mobile device, tap the "Approve" icon .
  7. Back in your web browser, click "Always use Yahoo Account Key"
  8. Confirm your mobile phone number, which is used if you lose access to your device
  9. Go back to the Yahoo! Account Security Page 
  10. Select "Generate App Password" or "Manage App Passwords."
  11. Select "Generate App Password."
  12. Select "Other App" from the drop-down menu and name your password (We suggest naming it 'BoxLock' for ease of identification).
  13. Select "Generate" and keep the new window open with the password (once you close it you won't be able to see it again) 
  14. Use this password for Linking your Effortless Tracking Accounts. (Will work with or without spaces)

*After linking, please give your account 15-20 minutes to scan.*

If you find you are still having issues logging in with Yahoo! or trouble with any of the steps in this guide please contact us for further assistance. You can reach us via chat on the bottom right hand side of your screen, email (info@getboxlock.com), or via Facebook / Twitter.

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