Our Effortless Tracking Email Forwarder is great for users that don't want to give full access to their inbox. This guide will cover creating an auto forward rule for Outlook based accounts to be used with our forwarder:

  1. Select the Settings gear icon in the Outlook on the web toolbar.
  2. Select "View all Outlook settings".
  3. In the "Settings" dialog box, select "Mail" and then "Rules".
  4. Select "Add a New Rule".
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the new rule, we recommend "BoxLock Email Forwarder" (You'll have to do this for each carrier)
  6. Select the "Add a condition" dropdown arrow and choose how to forward the emails 
  7. For this case we will select "From" under the section titled "People" there are FIVE email addresses you must add to this list, you can do this within the same rule by selecting "Add another condition" for each one they are:
    - mcinfo@ups.com
    - auto-reply@usps.com
    - uspsinformeddelivery@usps.gov
    - trackingupdates@fedex.com
    - shipment-tracking@amazon.com
  8. Select the "Add an Action" dropdown arrow and under "Route" towards the bottom of the list, choose "Forward to"
  9. When prompted for the forwarding email address, use: packages@getboxlock.com
  10. Select "Save"
  11. You should now be automatically forwarding any delivery notifications from the supported carriers to our package collection program. 

If you would like further assistance with setting up an auto-forward rule for your delivery notifications, please reach out to our support team for further assistance. You can reach us via chat on the bottom right-hand side of your screen, email (info@getboxlock.com), or via Facebook / Twitter

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