Setting up Auto forward for Effortless Tracking Forwarder - Apple Based Email Accounts

Our Effortless Tracking Email Forwarder is great for users that don't want to give full access to their inbox. This guide will cover creating an auto forward rule for Apple Mail accounts to be used with our forwarder:

  1. In Apple Mail - From the Menu Bar select "Mail"
  2. Select "Preferences"
  3. Select "Rules" on the right hand side
  4. "Add New Rule" 
  5. Open the Drop Down Menu that has "Any Recipient" in it and select "From" 
  6. Enter the senders email address you wish to forward
    **There are FIVE email addresses you must add to this list, you You will have to do this 5 separate times for each email address, they are:
  7. Under "Perform the Following Actions" select the dropdown menu that has "Move Message" and select "Forward"
  8. It will ask for an email address to forward messages to, enter ""
  9. Click "Save Rule"
  10. Repeat process for all 5 email addresses
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