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Connecting Your BoxLock to Your App

Link your BoxLock to your account to start securing packages

Before starting this step, please make sure you Wake your BoxLock from sleep mode.

Follow this quick guide to link your BoxLock to your account. Once you do this you are ready to start securing your packages!

  1. In your BoxLock app click "Add a BoxLock" on your home screen
  2. Click "Next" and follow on screen instructions
  3. Push the button on top of your BoxLock to activate the Bluetooth on your Lock and select "Next"  in your app
  4. if you have only one BoxLock, proceed to step 4. If you have more than one BoxLock, select which BoxLock you want to connect to.
  5. Provide your Wi-Fi access information in the space provided (The app will not necessarily autofill the correct network, you may have to manually enter the network name to make sure you are using your 2.4Ghz WiFi network )
  6. Success! Your app will now connect to your BoxLock. You're ready to start securing packages on your front porch!
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