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How to Determine WiFi Signal Strength

Worried about having a weak signal from your WiFi? Follow these easy steps to determine signal strength and some tips to improve it.

For BoxLock to work properly, an internet connection is required in order to verify your packages. If connected, you will see a signal strength indicator next to the image of your BoxLock on your app home screen, you want to make sure you have at least 2 bars of signal strength for guaranteed connectivity. If you find you have one or zero bars, you may want to try some of the steps below. (No indicator at all? Check out our guide on setting up your Wifi network.)

  1. Move your BoxLock closer to your Wifi. This should solve most signal strength issues.
  2. We know moving your BoxLock closer is not always an option. Look at investing in an inexpensive Wifi booster, these are devices that you can plug into your wall for a hassle free signal boost. You can find one on Amazon for under $20.
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