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Linking your Email Address with your Effortless Tracking Account

This is your first step to take in order for us to automatically collect tracking numbers with Effortless Tracking

Connecting an email account is the first step and is required in order for us to automatically collect tracking numbers for 'Effortless Tracking'. You’ll need to make sure to connect the email accounts associated with your USPS Informed Delivery, UPS My Choice and FedEx Delivery Manager. (If you haven't set up your carrier accounts you can find out how do that in this collection of articles.)

  1. In the app, select "Effortless Tracking Setup"
  2. Select "Add" in the upper right hand corner
  3. You will then be asked for your email address, the app will then best determine how to setup your account
  4. If you provided a Gmail Account, continue with the onscreen prompts to "Sign in with Gmail" 
  5. For any other clients, please continue with this guide
  6. If your email client is supported by Effortless Tracking, the app will autodetect the host and provide you the tools to complete setup. 
  7. Most clients will require a third party app password be generated and used to proceed: Tap "Third-Party App Password" found below the email address provided to get started. 
  8. The link will take you to the proper page to setup a Third Party App Password. You can find a list of clients and walkthroughs below this guide to help with the creation of a third party app password
  9. Copy and paste third party app password into password field
  10. Select "Next"
  11. The app will now test the connection and make sure everything is working correctly
  12. If everything works, you're all set! 
  13. If there is an error, you will be returned from the setup screen to the Effortless Tracking Screen, please swipe left on the added email address and hit the X to delete. Then try again.

Third Party App Password Guides

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