Manually Adding Tracking Numbers

You can manually add tracking numbers if they aren't part of our 'Effortless Tracking' program

Manually adding a tracking number for packages you are expecting is simple and fast to do. Just follow the guide below:
To add a tracking number manually for Amazon, please follow this guide. ) 

To add a tracking number manually:

  1. In your BoxLock App go to the "Packages" section (Looks like a package at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Select "Add"
  3. Copy and paste or manually enter your tracking number 
  4. Double check the tracking number matches. If the tracking number is wrong, the carrier won’t be able to secure your delivery
  5. The app will auto detect your carrier if your package is a UPS, USPS, or FedEx package
  6. Select "Add Package" 
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