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My Connected Lock Isn't Showing up in the App

You've opened your app to find that your lock is no longer appearing, try these steps to find your BoxLock again

It's important to note your BoxLock is likely still working and connected, and one of these 2 options below should solve your problem.

  1. Try quitting the app - Sometimes your app can get hung up on some data it's trying to process. Force quitting your app and opening it should solve most problems. If you need help in how to Force Quit your BoxLock App.
    Follow this Link For Apple Users                                                                             Follow this Link For Android Users
    If this does not solve your problem continue to Step 2
  2. Another option is to log out of your app and log back in. Doing this can help refresh your data and allow your app to reconnect to the BoxLock registered with your account. (Follow this guide for assistance with logging out of your account.)
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