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My New Lock is Attached to Previous Owners Account

Can’t attach your BoxLock to your account because it’s already associated with another account? When you purchase a used/refurbished lock on Amazon or eBay, it could still be attached to the previous owners account. 

In this article we’ll go over the appropriate steps to take to get the lock removed, so you may attach it to your account and get started with your new BoxLock!

  • Send us a photo of the back of the lock in the locked position, and proof of purchase to Help@getboxlock.com
  • Once we receive this info, one of our support team members will remove the lock from the previous account. 
  • We’ll send you over a confirmation, and you’ll immediately be able to attach your lock and continue set up! 

First time BoxLock user? We recommend viewing our Getting Started video to assist in the setup process.

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