Opening Your BoxLock

Your BoxLock can be opened two different ways:


  1. Open your BoxLock App
  2. Tap the BoxLock image on the home screen to connect to your lock over Bluetooth
  3. Tap the BoxLock image again to unlock
  4. Confirm that you want to open this BoxLock by selecting "Yes"
  5. Your lock should now be open

The other way to open your lock is with your Master Barcode. This Barcode can be found in your app or on the paper provided in your BoxLock packaging.

Master Barcode

  1. In the barcode sharing screen, (Looks like a group of people on the bottom of your screen) Select "Master Barcode", or use the sheet that came with your BoxLock
  2. Scan your barcode with your BoxLock by pushing the button on top
  3. Your lock should now be open
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