Sharing Barcodes/Access

BoxLock makes your life more convenient, one of the ways we do this is with Barcode Sharing. Barcode Sharing allows you to provide a unique barcode via text or email to anyone you like, giving them access to your BoxLock with a barcode that is valid indefinitely, for a date range, or for a certain number of uses. To start sharing barcodes just follow this simple guide or watch the video below:

  1. In your BoxLock app go to the Barcode Sharing section (Looks like a group of people at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Select "Add"
  3. Give a name to the barcode (this is important for you to keep track of your barcodes, make sure you name it something easily identifiable)
  4. Select "Access Type". You can choose between - "Valid Indefinitely"; "Valid for a time range" ; "Valid for # uses". 
  5. If you chose an option other than “Valid Indefinitely” fill out the range of uses 
  6. Select "Share Barcode Access" You should now see the barcode you created in the list. 
  7. Select the barcode you created.
  8. Select "View and Share Barcode"
  9. Select "Share" and choose how you'd like to share and who you'd like to share with.

This powerful feature allows for a wide range of uses for your BoxLock, At home delivery companies such as grocery delivery, food services, laundry delivery, etc. could make secure deliveries right to your front porch. It also allows friends or family to drop off or pickup right from your porch securely so no one is inconvenienced by having to be there at a certain time.

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