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Waking your BoxLock

When you first receive your BoxLock it may arrive in sleep mode, follow this guide to wake it.

When you first receive your BoxLock, it may arrive in sleep mode. Waking your BoxLock is required to begin securing packages. To wake your BoxLock:

  • Press and hold the top button of your BoxLock for about 45 seconds
  • Release the button when you hear a series of beeps, you may also see a flash of red, green and blue light around the USB port. 

Your BoxLock is now awake and you are ready to Connect your BoxLock to your App. (Please make sure you have done Creating a BoxLock Accountprior to trying to connect.)

If your BoxLock does not turn on after attempting to wake it, there is a possibility your battery is dead. Please try plugging your BoxLock in and wait 30 minutes before trying to wake your BoxLock again.

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