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What is Effortless Tracking?

BoxLock can automatically track your packages for you with the Effortless Tracking feature.

Effortless Tracking is a feature that allows us to automatically collect your tracking information for you to reduce the need to manually enter tracking numbers for your delivery drivers to access your storage container.
To enable Effortless Tracking please make sure you link your email address to your BoxLock and have setup each of your carrier's accounts and linked them to your BoxLock account. For assistance setting up these accounts please follow the guides below:

Effortless Tracking gives you the ability to automatically track all of your packages in real time with the major US Carriers; UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Along with being able to follow your package on the map, you’ll get updates every time your package is scanned into a new location, as well as the ability to go directly to the tracking page on the carrier’s site. 

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