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What temperatures will BoxLock work in?

We've tested BoxLock in single digit weather conditions and triple digit heat. We chose not to make any claims around the temperature as we know performance may vary in different environmental conditions.

In sustained below freezing temperatures we recommend keeping your battery fully charged, bring your BoxLock inside when not in use and avoid getting water inside the locking mechanism. It is possible that water or moisture can get inside of the locking mechanism, freeze and cause the lock to stick.

If your BoxLock is indeed frozen you should be able to open the lock over Bluetooth or the master barcode and pull down firmly on the lock which may crack the ice. Alternatively, pouring hot water over the shackle holes for several minutes may cause any frozen ice to thaw. Regardless once temperatures or the lock warm up, it should work as normal.

In extreme heat, your battery may deplete faster. Please make sure to monitor the battery level closely and keep it well charged. 

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